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 Reverse osmosis (RO) technology is the most advanced and most energy efficient membrane separation technology.Its principle is above solution and the effect of osmotic pressure, on the basis of other material can't through a semipermeable membrane will leave to the material and water.As a result of the reverse osmosis membrane membrane pore size is very small, only about 10 a), so can effectively remove salt dissolved in water, colloid, microorganisms, such as organic matter (removal rate as high as 97% - 98%).Reverse osmosis is the most widely used in the high pure water equipment a desalting technology, the scope of its detached object is the solution of ion and molecular weight of hundreds of organic matter.

"The characteristics of reverse osmosis (RO) technology"
1, high filtration precision, stable treatment effect, simple maintenance, equipment, beautiful shape, manufacture precision;
2, accurate parameter control, automatic control, perfect design can be totally automatic control according to customer requirements;
3, design experience, design ability to cover from several dozen liters per hour laboratory equipment to hundreds of tons per hour of large industrial system;
4, rigorous process design verification, design and precise specification.

"The characteristics of reverse osmosis (RO) equipment picture"

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